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Pan Francis

June 2013

Pan Francis will always be a project close to my heart. A collaboration with two inspiring improvisors Nick Martyn (drums) and Jon Crompton (alto sax), both originally from Melbourne but since this recording have been traveling all over the world playing in many projects.

We toured this project in 2010 to New Zealand and Sydney when I was still living in Melbourne and this album is the fruits of a Pan Rebirth in 2013 when I travelled back to Melbourne for a week to record some old and new material for this record.

My favourite track of course is "Apathy" which is track one, a hypnotic melody that keeps repeating with improv over the top, heaps of fun to play and always different.

Keep an eye out for Nick's new project Las Mar and of course hopefully another Pan reunion down the track.


Jon Crompton | saxophone
Michael Story | bass
Nick Martyn | drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Isaac Barter, Produced by Pan Francis and Isaac Barter, recorded at Sunshine Recorder, Mixed and mastered at Zac's place, Design by Michael Story, This music was conceived and created in Melbourne, Australia.

Tracks 1, 4, 6 & 8 composed by Michael Story, Tracks 7 & 9 composed by Jon Crompton, Tracks 2 & 3 composed by Nick Martyn

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